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Banners That Get Noticed

Everything in business is about increasing visibility. Our custom banners can help in a wide variety of ways. Whether you choose vinyl, mesh or retractable banners, we can help you design the right message for your target market.

Since 1994, we’ve been working with business owners just like to improve brand awareness. Let our experience help shape the way you market what you do. Our banners can help.


How To Buy A Banner

When it comes to creating a banner, many people tell us they are overwhelmed with all the choices. We help simplify the process.

Buying the right banner begins with identifying your usage. How is the banner going to be used? Indoor or outdoor? Mesh banners hold up better in the sun, wind, and rain, so they are a much better choice for outside usage. Our sign professionals can help you identify the pros and cons of each type of banner. 

Banner Design That Works

A banner is an image or message used to represent a more complex notion. The banner is simple, but what you do is complex. The simple (banner) has to help explain the complex (business). For example, the word “Restaurant” conveys the idea of food being prepared, offered for sale, and served in an environment conducive to eating. The word “Luxury” connotes extravagant decor, higher pricing, extraordinary service and an air of very proper decorum. When the two words are put together, then the phrase “Luxury Restaurant” paints a whole new and very vivid picture for the mind.

A banner display is designed to attract attention and influence human behavior. It’s as if a voice is shouting out the words, “Look at me! Do what I say and it’ll be good for you.” Good banners make use of WORDS, reinforced by color, lines, borders, fonts, logos, and pictures to grab our attention and suggest a clear offer or payoff. Any logo or picture must build on, not disrupt the ideas painted by your words.

 Your business banners represent your company and should elicit a response from the viewers. A well-designed banner should leave a mental imprint on your potential customers, help them decide on a course of action as well as break through the clutter and noise. 

Types Of Banners

Retractable Banners

When it comes to convenient marketing tools, few things are easier than retractable banners (also known as Pop Up Banners). Lightweight, portable and simple to put up and take down, these banners will make your business look great.

Don’t have the budget for a full trade show display? Retractable banners are affordable for any sized business and having one on each end of your conference table can give you the professional look you’re looking for.

Our banners come with everything you need such as:

  • The banner
  • Tubing to adjust the height
  • Banner stand

Put our experience designing and creating banners to work for your business. Call us today and let’s work on making the right impression at your next conference or exhibit.

8 oz Banners

The 8-ounce lightweight banner material is perfect for one-time events such as family reunions or corporate outings and for conveying a message in either an indoor or outdoor location. Your artwork can be in either a landscape or portrait orientation and it can be full color or only one or two colors. It comes ready to hang and use.

13 oz Banners 

When someone says, “I need a banner” this is usually what they are referring to; it is the most popular banner material in the world and is a 13-ounce, nylon-reinforced material that is made for long term usage either outside or inside. The ink used is made to last for up to 3 years outdoors and makes beautiful full color, high-quality reproductions from your art files or ours. We call this our standard banner material, and you can choose either matte or gloss finish.

18 oz Banners

Our heavy-duty outdoor banners are made of the most durable banner material we have to offer. They are made to last as long as a banner can last and are made of 18-ounce, 1000 x 1000 denier, nylon-reinforced material that can hold up even in harsh weather conditions.

Even the most intricate and colorful designs look terrific on this banner material. You can rest assured that your message will be catching eyes long after other banners will have disappeared. [for double sided] AND, this one will be a double-sided banner to attract attention from either direction!

Pole Banners

Pole banners are frequently requested and are made with 13-ounce, nylon-reinforced material that is made for long term usage either outside or inside.

In this configuration, we set your banner up with hemmed pole pockets on both the top and the bottom of your banner so it can be hung from the ceiling or in the back of your trade-show booth so that it does not curl up, but displays your message smoothly (poles not supplied). The ink used is made to last for up to 3 years outdoors and makes beautiful full color, high-quality reproductions from your art files or ours. We call this our standard banner material, and you can choose either matte or gloss finish.

Mesh Banners

Our Air Flow-through mesh banners will help to stand up to a banner’s worst enemy- the wind! These tough custom mesh banners are made to help your banner stay in place even in high wind conditions.

Our Air Flow-through banners are woven with small air-relief holes, which allow the wind to pass right through the banner, reducing the wind stress and extending the life of your banner. You can also mount your banner with bungee cords to provide additional flex in the banner, thus extending its life and also stretching it taught, displaying your message more clearly.

Our Air Flow-through mesh material banners have the potential to last for years with the proper care. Please note that because of the reduced surface area for ink coverage on this material, the final print colors will look lighter than the colors shown in your proof. This will probably be most noticeable with dark colors and will be especially noticeable when there is light behind the banner. Your banner will come with stitched edges and grommets are included every few feet.

Fabric Banners

Our block out fabric is made of 2 layers of acrylic coating bonded to the base cloth, which is 65% Polyester and 35% Cotton. This is what allows us to print on your banner through what is called a dye-sublimation process, and the acrylic coating is used to really bring out all the brightness and colors on your banner.

This process also helps to reduce glare for such applications as photo backdrops and trade shows. Your banner comes hemmed on all sides and with grommets for hanging.

Wrinkle-free Banners

Our wrinkle-free, printable fabric, is 100% Polyester and is a three-layered woven fabric. Your banner will be wrinkle-resistant will absorb most of the light reflection you might get with other fabrics.

The tightly woven threads of this material will allow for exceptional print quality and will minimize light passing through the banner, more than other standard fabrics.

Reusable Store Front Banners

This extraordinary non-adhesive material is literally a reusable banner with thousands of tiny holes in it to give it that desired “one-way” quality that so many store owners want. This is accomplished with a uniform pattern of very small perforations in the material so that from the inside, you will be able to look out on whatever is out there to be seen; but, those looking at your store window will only see your advertisement or chosen graphics. Detailed, easy to understand instructions on how to use and install this material comes with each purchase.

Banner Ideas & Tips

Here are a few helpful ideas and suggestions for all banners; but, please look under each of our category headings to see the differences from one type of material to another under various conditions.


Vinyl Banner Construction:

Our vinyl banners are made with nylon reinforcing laminated into the vinyl to give the banner extra tensile strength for indoor or outdoor use. The solvent-based inks we use are not affected by water and are made for outdoor and indoor use. Each banner has metal grommets installed in all four corners and also installed every 2-4 feet around the banner edges. The banners have hemmed edges, and the grommets are inserted through the edge of the banner in each location to provide extra strength against wind stress.

When you hang your banner, we recommend securing it using all of the grommets around the edges of the banner. If you use only the grommets in the corners, the banner may be subject to undue stress which can lead to the grommets getting torn out, and using only the corner grommets can also cause the banner to sag, which may distort your message.


Caring for Your Vinyl Banner:

All banners are subject to wear and tear and to make sure your banner lasts as long as possible, we recommend that you follow these tips.

The wind is a banner’s worst enemy, so, whenever you can, mount your banner against a wall or fence or other sturdy backing.

If your banner will be subject to wind, you may want to hang it with bungees that will flex with the wind; and, you may wish to have us cut wind slits into the banner allowing the wind to pass through the banner, reducing the stress.

Whether your banner is displayed indoor or outside, it might require occasional cleaning. If you are going to wash your banner, we recommend using lukewarm water and a mild dish detergent then using soft towels to dry the banner. This helps to avoid scratching the banner and ruining the prints.

When your banner is not being used, just roll the banner up with the printed side out to protect the inks. If you fold the banner, it will crease it and could also damage the print. You might consider keeping the box it was shipped in and storing the banner in the box. You should also keep your banner out of extreme heat.




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